Teacher Panty Sightings Stories

I too went to school on Merseyside, it was an all boys school. We had an English teacher called Wendy
Etkin, who on two consecutive lessons, wore a mini skirt, and crossed and then opened up her legs to
reveal a pair of yellow panties, she stayed in that position for a few minutes, before calmly getting off the desk, as though she didn’t have a clue that she had been flashing her knickers and thighs.
Another teacher called Jenny Holland, regularly wore a mini skirt. There was some stairs that if you stood at the bottom, you could look up her skirt as she came down. On one occasion she saw me looking up, and stopped at the best advantage place for me to get an eye full of panty, and spoke with another pupil for about five minutes. I got a great view of her pink knickers and thighs, and a cheeky smile from her when she came down the stairs.
These incidents happened over 25 years ago now, but remain clearly in my memory, and I have enjoyed a great wank on many occasion as I have recalled the incidents.

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