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I have seen upskirts of so many girls skirts in my life theres just too many to mention. This story is about my mate’s bird, she is a tall brunette, her breasts arn’t massive but they are ample and she is so hot. We went to stay in a caravan for a weekend (one of those big static ones) in Wales, there was me, 3 of my friends and one of their girlfriends (she is called Sarah). I often flirted with Sarah but it was harmless fun. One night we were just sitting around watching TV, the others were about but it ended up being just me and her. She was wearing a denim skirt and a white top, throughout the day my eyes would wander down and I would have a glance at her breasts, I don’t think she ever noticed.

She was sat at a right angle to me with her legs up on the cushions, I glanced to the side and noticed she had her eyes closed (it was quite late) I could see right up her skirt, she had pink cotton panties on, I stared for a bit and had a look around to make sure no-one could see me. I looked up her long silky legs up to her knickers I was watching for what seemed like ages, I looked at every detail and my dick was so hard. I just checked to see if she was still asleep and she was looking right at me. I quickly looked away, I felt stupid because she had caught me. Nothing was said we just carried on watching TV. The next day we were having dinner and she bent right in front of me, I had a great view down her top. She had a white lacy bra with a little bow in the middle, I wondered if it was on purpose.

A few weeks went by and I was at a party at the same mates house, Sarah was wearing a short Khaki skirt and a tight top. She was sitting opposite me (with her legs up on the sofa) and I had an amazing view of her white lace panties (they are my favourite) I couldn’t believe it, I had an erection instantly, luckily I was sitting down or it would have been hard to hide. That night I saw up her skirt from all angles, it was so cool because she knew she was doing it and it turned her on that I wanted to look. I would try and avoid eye contact with her and I tried not to make it too obvious I was looking. It was on my mind the whole night.

After that I caught a few glimpses up her skirt but never as good as those first times. I would see down the back of her jeans when she bent down, she always wore a thong and she all different types and colours. I think my friend noticed me looking a few times, he must have said something to her because she started becoming more wary when wearing skirts and she would avoid bending down (she would also put her hand over her thong to cover it when she bent down). I see down her top every now and then and sometimes her thong but never up her skirt. Sometimes she seems to let me have a look (maybe she’s feeling horny) but most of the time she avoids it. At first it was a major turn on that she knew I was looking, but now its back fired because she (and him) are wary of me and it makes me feel pretty dirty. So when you’re looking at a girl make sure you don’t look too much, if she thinks you are a pervert it can turn sour.

7 Mar 2008

My Mate's Girlfriend

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As a Policeman I have the most wonderful opportunity for upskirt views. We regularly go into peoples homes for all manner of enquiries and frequently see women in their own homes alone. I have frequently seen tops of tights and often stocking tops and cotton crutches and I have on 3 occasions seen bare pussies, on each occasion shown on purpose. Sometimes they flash in front of their husbands.

But I have two major favourites, one led to sex and the other didn’t.

The first was attending at a home to take a statement for a car accident off a wife whilst her husband was working. It was an appointment and she answered the door in a short denim skirt and a white blouse. She was slim and quite good looking and 32yrs old and as we sat down she had sensational legs. When she sat down she sat with her knees together and I could see a cute little white triangle. She soon crossed her legs showing off her stunning bare firm thighs. I could not help but stare and eventually after crossing and uncrossing numerous times she started to sit with her legs slightly open then slowly her legs opened further and further until she was virtually sitting with them wide apart. My hard on was huge and I stood up. She stared at my cock and stood up but at that moment her father arrived to visit. I stayed to finish the statement but then rushed back to the station to wank off, in about 15 sec’s. I tried to get back there but her husband was always there, until about a month later I had to arrest him for beating her up. She left the home and I never saw her again.

The second was in the same village and I had to go to see a guy about his shotgun licence. I made an appointment to see him but when I arrived he had had to go out and his wife was there. I needed to see the secure storage for the guns and they were in the attic. His wife was about 40yrs quite tall with blonde hair big tits long legs nice. She had it all she was wearing a smart grey suit and black tights, she was a looker. I was only about 25 at the time and rampant as hell. Anyway I decided to wait for him and we chatted, I ogled her legs as she crossed them as she sat on the settee, but after 1/2 hrs there was a phone call to say he would not be back for hours. His wife offered to show me where the guns were. We went up the stairs and I watched her gorgeous ass as she walked up ahead of me. On the landing she pulled down the ladder I expected to go up alone to the attic but she went up ahead of me. I held the ladder as she climbed slowly watching and looking up her skirt. Then I saw they weren’t tights they were stockings I feasted my eyes on her black stocking tops, suspenders and white skin. I climbed up after her and she showed me the gun cabinet. She made comment about the barrel of my “gun” and I asked her if she had anymore to show me. She then slowly lifted the skirt up showing first her stockings then her black knickers. I fucked her in the attic just pulling her knickers to one side. She was insatiable and I continued to make house calls there for a couple of months.
Like I said great job.

16 Sep 2007

True Upskirt Experiences

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I think I’m addicted to naked girls. Long legs, kitties, asses, tits, the works. I love seeing them. I know everybody is, but I guess I am more than most. As stimulating as looking at naked girls can be, peeping at girls is the ultimate for me. Looking up a sexy girl’s skirt is the most arousing thing that could happen to me, especially if she doesn’t know or you’re not expecting it. That’s why I’m a sucker for miniskirts and legs.

DCM (trance nightclub)
That’s really why I love clubbing at DCMs. The girls that go there wear the sexiest outfits. Lots of short miniskirts and minidresses. I find those so much more arousing than hotpants. DCM chicks wear some of the sluttiest outfits. One of the most common ones is those tiny satin micro minis that barely cover their asses. Sometimes they have a slit up the side which makes it even sexier but their legs are definitely on display, covered by either knee high boots or high platform heels. And when they dance the skirts go all over the place. Even better when they go up on the podiums or the stages. The skirts are so short that you’ve got a good chance of looking up them. If I’m sitting on the steps there’s a really good chance some girl will want to get up on the stage so she will walk up behind me. All I need to do is turn my head and I get a shot of their panties. And then they dance on the stage right next to you in a mini even though they know that you are sitting there. Its like they don’t care about guys peeping up their skirts. It’s like a world where normal rules don’t apply. Another thing is those short minidresses that have slits up the side. I love anything as long as it’s short. I was walking up the steps once and this girl was in front of me. I could see her g-string and her ass.

Samantha, Melissa, and Co.
Even sexier than peeping at girls is peeping at sexy girls you know. For example, I know these girls, Samantha, Melissa, Christine, and some of their friends. They wear the skimpiest minis. When I first met Melissa two years ago she was sitting on the stage wearing this really short blue mini. Her legs were together but her skirt was so high up her thighs it was seriously almost to her waist. I remember Stammy introducing me and I shook her hand while staring at her panties. She stood up and danced and I could see her dress was halfway up her ass. Even better when we got to be pretty good friends. One night we really bonded, she was wearing a silver tube top and a silver mini. We were chatting for ages, I was sitting on the bottom step. At the end of the convo she said, “I think I’ll dance up there, pointing to the stage. And she just went around me and walked up the steps. This while wearing a mini that seriously would have come down only a couple of inches below her ass cheeks. Not only that, she danced on the side of the stage right next to me. All I had to do was turn my head and I could see right up her skirt. This I did plenty of times. The view from the bottom step was good because you see the girl’s legs stretching above you. But I decided to get a different perspective and get closer so I moved and actually sat on the stage right next to her. Leaning against the wall I could see her ass cheeks because her mini was so short. Then I got up and started to dance in front of her. She didn’t know that I was getting a shot right up her skirt at her crotch.

Olivia – blonde, long legs
I don’t know what it is but peeping at friends is somehow much more arousing. I think because it’s really taboo, violating the trust a female friend places in a male friend, and that’s what makes it really arousing. It’s like, this girl likes you as a friend, thinks you’re a nice guy, and trusts you, but you of course are always looking for ways to perve at her. Olivia is a very close friend but I’ve seen her panties quite a few times. I remember the first time: we went to Decadence. She was wearing boots and this short pleated miniskirt. Liv has very nice legs. When we went to my place she was sitting on the chair talking to Chris, her boyfriend, and her legs were open a bit. Then when we had a cigarette I made sure I put the ashtray on the far side of the table so she would have to stretch whenever ashing. Then I sat back on my couch and watched as she bent over and her skirt rose up. It’s even better when you manipulate the situation to get a perv. When she sat in front I brought the chair back so that she would stretch her legs. Then when we were hanging out at my place I kept feeding her (and myself) drinks so she would get careless. I also lay the mattress down on the floor and flopped on it so I would get a look up her skirt whenever she stood up which was plenty. I spent the entire afternoon perving at her. Once Liv and I were at DCM, sitting down in the Leopard Room. She was wearing this short minidress that looked like a nurse’s uniform, with buttons down the front. We were sitting on the floor, with our legs stretched out. When we got up, I looked down and when Liv brought her legs up, I was at the perfect angle to look down her dress and I saw her white lace panties and her crotch. Olivia has gorgeous legs. Another time was when we were coming out of DCMs on Mardi Gras 98 and Liv was wearing this black minidress. It wasn’t mega short or anything but the thing about Liv is, she doesn’t know how to get into the back seat of a coupe. She just leads with her leading leg, which she did. So her skirt rucked up showing a pair of white lace panties. I find it really arousing that Liv is one of my best friends but I have seen her underwear plenty of times. It’s nice having sexy female friends… Some of my other friends whose underwear I have seen include:

Linda – on my birthday she was wearing a really short grey minidress and when she sat down at my place I could see her panties.

Tina– even Tina’s panties have been viewed by my eyes, at Blues Point Tower when she was sitting on my couch with her legs together primly, but my eyes were at just the right
angle to check her out.

Lea– sitting in the back seat of my car after lunch, her legs were at just the right angle. I love the way my back seat reclines back like a lounge. Any girl that sits there will basically be sitting with their knees up.

Chaka– quite a few times. Each smoke break I would eye her skirt, because she had this way of sitting so that even if her legs were crossed you could still see her panties. So I got quite a few views.

And the winner is…

Natalie –Sex kitten supreme. The first time I met Natalie she was in lingerie at my place at a party. We talked for hours, arms around each other, she in a baby doll nightie and blue silk panties and with her legs spread. The first time I went out with Nat to DCMs she took her top off and turned it into a skirt, wearing just a bra and a tiny mini. Then at my place with Dean she just stripped off naked in my bathroom. I saw her ass, pussy, everything. But that’s not all. We became friends. At Gwenny’s farewell she was wearing a short summer skirt. We were watching videos lying on this mattress and she was lying next to me. Every so often she would get up and give me a view of her panties each time. Then back at her place she shows me her Penthouse test shots. Explicit pussy shots, legs spread, bent over, fingers spreading the lips. She got changed into some really sexy lingerie to go to sleep. When she crashed I had to jerk off to her Penthouse test shots. The thought that I was jerking off to naked photos of a close friend was really arousing. Then we had heaps of close interaction. Going to DCMs together, she wearing the skimpiest little things. Coming back to my place. Showers at my place where she always walks out of the bedroom in her underwear. Once she took her panties off right in front of me. Sitting with her legs spread. Oh yes, I had heaps of views of Natalie.

Strippers as friends
Having strippers as friends means that you get to see them naked. Gwen is an example. Steve and I saw her naked before we became friends. She worked at DCs. I saw her with her legs wide open, kitty there. I even took Stammy and Peter along with me to see her naked. And she started raving on about that night we had. Hearing that from a girl who is naked in front of you was a major turn on. Another girl I know is Suzy. She also dances at DCs. The best thing about her is that I had a “business” relationship with her for a few months before I actually became friends with her. The night we met Gwen I noticed Suzy because she was wearing this really sexy minidress and these sexy heels. She had the perfect body to wear a minidress; long legs and a gorgeous ass.

My little kink is looking up a girl’s skirt at her pussy. I made Suzy do all those things, take her panties off, dance around with that mini, stand in front of me while I looked up her mini skirt, squat with her legs spread. We did this for a couple of months then we found out after booking her for an hour that she was a friend of a friend of Peter’s. By that stage she was naked so we ogled and drooled over her for an hour. What made it especially more erotic was the fact that at that stage we had crossed over into being friends, not just clients. But she still had to give us our money’s worth!

Tell you what, there’s nothing like talking to a female friend who just happens to be naked in front of you with her legs spread while you devour her pussy with your eyes. She was talking about normal stuff while I sat there and stared at her pussy. Even better was when we had already made plans to go for a coffee afterwards and we were still telling her to arouse us. I made her stand up wearing that white lace minidress with no panties while I looked up her dress at her kitty. And the best thing was, she didn’t mind at all! Certainly a kick knowing that you have seen a female friend of yours in a naked upskirt!

7 Jan 2007

My Upskirt Anecdotes

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I too went to school on Merseyside, it was an all boys school. We had an English teacher called Wendy
Etkin, who on two consecutive lessons, wore a mini skirt, and crossed and then opened up her legs to
reveal a pair of yellow panties, she stayed in that position for a few minutes, before calmly getting off the desk, as though she didn’t have a clue that she had been flashing her knickers and thighs.
Another teacher called Jenny Holland, regularly wore a mini skirt. There was some stairs that if you stood at the bottom, you could look up her skirt as she came down. On one occasion she saw me looking up, and stopped at the best advantage place for me to get an eye full of panty, and spoke with another pupil for about five minutes. I got a great view of her pink knickers and thighs, and a cheeky smile from her when she came down the stairs.
These incidents happened over 25 years ago now, but remain clearly in my memory, and I have enjoyed a great wank on many occasion as I have recalled the incidents.

2 Jan 2007

Teacher Panty Sightings Stories

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