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As a Policeman I have the most wonderful opportunity for upskirt views. We regularly go into peoples homes for all manner of enquiries and frequently see women in their own homes alone. I have frequently seen tops of tights and often stocking tops and cotton crutches and I have on 3 occasions seen bare pussies, on each occasion shown on purpose. Sometimes they flash in front of their husbands.

But I have two major favourites, one led to sex and the other didn’t.

The first was attending at a home to take a statement for a car accident off a wife whilst her husband was working. It was an appointment and she answered the door in a short denim skirt and a white blouse. She was slim and quite good looking and 32yrs old and as we sat down she had sensational legs. When she sat down she sat with her knees together and I could see a cute little white triangle. She soon crossed her legs showing off her stunning bare firm thighs. I could not help but stare and eventually after crossing and uncrossing numerous times she started to sit with her legs slightly open then slowly her legs opened further and further until she was virtually sitting with them wide apart. My hard on was huge and I stood up. She stared at my cock and stood up but at that moment her father arrived to visit. I stayed to finish the statement but then rushed back to the station to wank off, in about 15 sec’s. I tried to get back there but her husband was always there, until about a month later I had to arrest him for beating her up. She left the home and I never saw her again.

The second was in the same village and I had to go to see a guy about his shotgun licence. I made an appointment to see him but when I arrived he had had to go out and his wife was there. I needed to see the secure storage for the guns and they were in the attic. His wife was about 40yrs quite tall with blonde hair big tits long legs nice. She had it all she was wearing a smart grey suit and black tights, she was a looker. I was only about 25 at the time and rampant as hell. Anyway I decided to wait for him and we chatted, I ogled her legs as she crossed them as she sat on the settee, but after 1/2 hrs there was a phone call to say he would not be back for hours. His wife offered to show me where the guns were. We went up the stairs and I watched her gorgeous ass as she walked up ahead of me. On the landing she pulled down the ladder I expected to go up alone to the attic but she went up ahead of me. I held the ladder as she climbed slowly watching and looking up her skirt. Then I saw they weren’t tights they were stockings I feasted my eyes on her black stocking tops, suspenders and white skin. I climbed up after her and she showed me the gun cabinet. She made comment about the barrel of my “gun” and I asked her if she had anymore to show me. She then slowly lifted the skirt up showing first her stockings then her black knickers. I fucked her in the attic just pulling her knickers to one side. She was insatiable and I continued to make house calls there for a couple of months.
Like I said great job.

16 Sep 2007

True Upskirt Experiences

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