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These are 2 stories that involves my girlfriend (Natalia, 28 y/o, and a school teacher here in Argentina)… One time ago, Natalia was teaching at her class, and she noticed that everyone was looking at her with fanny faces. During the brakes she was in charge of managing all the children, and she noticed the same reaction in them. Back to her class, everything continued in the same way. It was only when she had to go to the bathroom when she noticed that the zip of her black trousers was completely down, showing a white fond that were her panties. It was obvious that everyone could see that…, from the boys to other teachers, and we don’t know the right moment when the zip went down. Maybe she never put it up and travelled to the school like that.

And this is the second one: Some time ago Natalia told me that she was in her class, sitting in her chair correcting some exams, while the students were doing their work. She was wearing a tight and low cut black pair of pants (that ones that get stuck to the body, I don’t know how to describe them…, it was a present that I gave her) and a pretty kind of t-shirt with her arms naked. She noticed that a small number of her students kept coming to ask her all kind of silly questions…, and then returned back to their seats after passing behind her. They repeated it for 3 or 4 more times. Later on, the bell rung , so she took her things and went to the teacher’s room. She was sitting there when another teacher friend of her put a surprised face and told her that a big part of her white panties were being exposed from behind. Natalia kept petrified, and her face turned to red…, and the worst for her was that at the following day she would have to be in that class again, and she was so embarrassed… When she got home, I noticed that she wanted to tell me something but she didn’t take courage. After a good chat, she finally gave up and told me everything. I really enjoyed all that, but I didn’t have the balls to confess it to her that I was turn on about it, so I put a fictitious sad face, and asked her to tell me all every time a thing like this happen. It was very nice to know that, and later on, more stories began to arrive to my delighted ears…

25 Mar 2008

My Girlfriend

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I have seen upskirts of so many girls skirts in my life theres just too many to mention. This story is about my mate’s bird, she is a tall brunette, her breasts arn’t massive but they are ample and she is so hot. We went to stay in a caravan for a weekend (one of those big static ones) in Wales, there was me, 3 of my friends and one of their girlfriends (she is called Sarah). I often flirted with Sarah but it was harmless fun. One night we were just sitting around watching TV, the others were about but it ended up being just me and her. She was wearing a denim skirt and a white top, throughout the day my eyes would wander down and I would have a glance at her breasts, I don’t think she ever noticed.

She was sat at a right angle to me with her legs up on the cushions, I glanced to the side and noticed she had her eyes closed (it was quite late) I could see right up her skirt, she had pink cotton panties on, I stared for a bit and had a look around to make sure no-one could see me. I looked up her long silky legs up to her knickers I was watching for what seemed like ages, I looked at every detail and my dick was so hard. I just checked to see if she was still asleep and she was looking right at me. I quickly looked away, I felt stupid because she had caught me. Nothing was said we just carried on watching TV. The next day we were having dinner and she bent right in front of me, I had a great view down her top. She had a white lacy bra with a little bow in the middle, I wondered if it was on purpose.

A few weeks went by and I was at a party at the same mates house, Sarah was wearing a short Khaki skirt and a tight top. She was sitting opposite me (with her legs up on the sofa) and I had an amazing view of her white lace panties (they are my favourite) I couldn’t believe it, I had an erection instantly, luckily I was sitting down or it would have been hard to hide. That night I saw up her skirt from all angles, it was so cool because she knew she was doing it and it turned her on that I wanted to look. I would try and avoid eye contact with her and I tried not to make it too obvious I was looking. It was on my mind the whole night.

After that I caught a few glimpses up her skirt but never as good as those first times. I would see down the back of her jeans when she bent down, she always wore a thong and she all different types and colours. I think my friend noticed me looking a few times, he must have said something to her because she started becoming more wary when wearing skirts and she would avoid bending down (she would also put her hand over her thong to cover it when she bent down). I see down her top every now and then and sometimes her thong but never up her skirt. Sometimes she seems to let me have a look (maybe she’s feeling horny) but most of the time she avoids it. At first it was a major turn on that she knew I was looking, but now its back fired because she (and him) are wary of me and it makes me feel pretty dirty. So when you’re looking at a girl make sure you don’t look too much, if she thinks you are a pervert it can turn sour.

7 Mar 2008

My Mate's Girlfriend

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I took a degree course at Imperial College, London which, at the time, was the home of the Science Museum Library. The library was a large double height room with the entrance in the middle of one of the long walls with the enquiry desk opposite in between long windows. The bookshelves ran from floor to ceiling on three sides of the room with a narrow gallery about half way up from which the staff could access the upper shelves. On this balcony was a ladder on rails that could be moved along to the appropriate section. Users weren’t allowed to take books from the shelves – they had to be ordered at the desk and brought to one of the seats at a series of long tables which ran transversely across the room. This, and putting the books back when they were finished with, was the job of a junior member of the library staff.
From time to time I would spend the odd hour in the library between lectures and, quite by chance one day I took a seat near the end of a table almost below the little gallery. I noticed that there was a girl of about 18 up on the gallery dealing with the books. She was wearing a gingham dress which had a tight bodice with puff sleeves and a white collar and cuffs. The skirt was very full and she was wearing a stiff petticoat underneath it which made it stand away from her body. I watched her idly as she climbed and descended her little ladder and quickly realised that anyone below her would be able to see straight up her skirt. To my delight I saw that she was slowly moving in my direction and the thought of what I might see in the next few minutes started to give me an erection!
Her progress was painfully slow and I began to wonder whether she was going to reach me before I had to leave for my next lecture. I sat waiting patiently and, as I looked round, it seemed that I was the only person in the room that had thought of looking up at the spectacle that was available above their head. Even the girl seemed unconscious of the show she was giving. At last she moved her ladder to a position about 6 feet away from me. She wasn’t close enough for me to get a clear view up her skirt, but at least I got a little flash of her stocking tops. My erection reached full maturity! Then she came down and trundled her ladder until it was right above me. I leaned back feigning deep thought. The girl climbed to the very top of her ladder to retrieve a book from the top shelf. I could see the tops of her stockings with her four little suspender clips gripping them; her four suspenders, which were pale blue in colour, as they spanned the white flesh of her thighs; and, beauty upon beauty, her pale blue nylon knickers right up to her waist. I could even see the lace trimming around the legs with little bows in a darker blue at intervals along the front. They were pulled up tightly enough to show an inch or two of her ass cheeks at the back. A drank in the scene for as long as it lasted before leaving for my lecture, although the memory of the vision of loveliness that I had witnessed was blotting out all other thought from my mind.
Although I visited the library many times, I never again saw such a wonderful upskirt!

8 Feb 2008

Library Upskirt Story

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Twenty years ago I had a friend who lived two doors away. I was 13 and a virgin. His mother was a slender, quite pretty, women who was always friendly and had a sexy smile. In the eighties, BMX was the biggest craze of the day and me and my friend would always go out playing on our bikes. One day I got a puncture and took the bike to my friend’s house to fix it.
I had to go in the kitchen to use one of his mum’s bowls to put the inner-tube in water to see where the puncture was. My friend was outside and I was in the kitchen with my hands in the bowl. His mother came in and asked me if I wanted some help fixing the puncture. She was wearing a pink towelling dressing gown and slippers. Initially, she bent down to help me but then after a few seconds she squatted down and started looking for the puncture. Her legs were spread wide apart and her bum was nearly touching the kitchen as she squatted. I looked between her legs and saw her gorgeous, soft, pink pussy as clear as day. Her lips were slightly parted and gently framed by her dark brown pubic hair. She was so engrossed in finding the puncture and fixing it, I just stared at this amazing upskirt sight without a break for about 5 minutes. I saw every single millimetre of her pussy and pussy-lips as she moved hers legs slightly to keep herself on balance. My cock was rock-solid in my trousers and ready to spunk. I was almost in a state of shock and completely speechless as I’d never seen a woman’s pussy that close in my life. I’ve never been so turned-on and so nervous. When we’d finished, She went back to putting the family laundry back in the washing basket and I put the tyre back on my bike. I then went into their toilet to have a wank and came in about 3 seconds (give or take a second). My friend and I went out to play for the rest of the day and I never ever mentioned it to him. Me and my family moved about 3 years later and I’ve only ever seen her once since. She was walking across the road with her husband while I drove by in my car. Only about 10 years later did I ever think that she might of done it on purpose and that she got a kick out of it. She must of known that 20 years later I would still wank-myself-off thinking about her spread legs and her beautiful pussy.

30 Dec 2007

Friends Mum Upskirt

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I am fortunate to live in an almost perfect venue for upskirts. The island of Kauai is tropical and the temperature rests at a mean of about 80 Fahrenheit all year around. Because of this, women wear short skirts twelve months out of the year. The island style favors dresses that are flimsy and gauzy as well as extremely short, tourists from colder climates who are unaccustomed to wearing such garments tend to make quite a few mistakes when they’ve got a few mai tais under their belts.
To add to the delight, many (perhaps most) buildings in the tourist town of Hanalei are raised several feet off the ground due to excessive flooding during the rainy season. As I walk along the street, I am at eye level with the legs of any woman sitting on the verandah of a restaurant, bar or shop. You can imagine the results. Last summer, for example, I caught sight of a woman sitting at the local burger stand. She was in her early or middle thirties, with bright red hair and an attractive face characterized by thick, pouty lips. She was more than a bit plump, though not precisely fat, and dressed in one of those flimsy little tropical dresses I have already mentioned. When I first spotted her, she was seated next to her husband or boyfriend, munching a burger. Her legs were wide open and I was treated to a luscious view of panties even brighter red than her hair.
I lingered in front of the burger stand, pretending to study the sky, the pedestrian traffic, even the cars rolling down the road. I feasted on a view of panties until I felt that I was beginning to look a bit conspicuous just standing there. I circled round the line of shops, returned for another look, but discovered that she was gone. I went on about my business, running some mundane errands. In so doing, I happened to walk by another popular restaurant with a verandah, and there was Big Red again! The burger stand didn’t serve alcohol, and hubby or boyfriend apparently wanted a beer, so there they were, and once again those bright red panties flashed in front of my eyes. I watched her raise a glass of brew, her face flushed, big lips parted in a smile. She shook her red hair. This gal just couldn’t seem to keep her legs closed. I circled the restaurant a couple of times without feeling especially conspicuous. After all, Hanalei is full of locals who simply loiter around town all day long. But soon she was gone.
Well, it had been a good day. Two sightings within an hour. Time to move on, though. But then I thought to pay a visit to my housekeeper who worked part time at an art gallery. As I approached the gallery, lo and behold! The red-haired flasher was sitting in a rattan chair in front of the gallery while her male companion looked at paintings. She was fanning herself in the hot sun. Once again, her legs were open to reveal a magnificent red triangle in full glory. Shortly after, the man emerged and off they went. I didn’t see them again. But I couldn’t help wondering about it all.
A woman can easily flash through carelessness once in a day. If she’s on vacation and feeling loose, maybe twice. But three times within an hour? And splendid views in every case? I can’t help thinking she was doing it on purpose.

15 Oct 2007

Perfect Short Skirt Upskirts

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I’m sure you are familiar with the expression everything comes to those who wait, well after almost ten years of waiting yesterday I saw a certain upskirt! Let me explain…..

Here’s my story, I have a friend named Cathy, she looks a little bit like a cross between Kate Lawler and Gabby Roslyn.

For nearly ten years she and I have helped out with others at a voluntary group. For years Cathy only ever wore jeans or trousers, she wore longish skirts to work, so she never wore them to our group. At regular intervals you would get a view of the tops of her thongs and knickers at the top of her jeans, all different colours and types.

However over the last year of so she occasionally began to wear skirts to our group meetings. The skirts would never be short, but occasionally you would get a flash of thigh and possibly the sight of panties under her tights, but that would be all.

Yesterday she came to our meeting wearing a denim skirt that was knee length, but the front of the skirt had a small triangle of material cut away, which meant when she sat down and crossed her legs you would get a good view of her knee and a little bit of thigh. I noticed that Cathy was not wearing tights and was bared legged, I decided to move chairs and sit opposite her just in case I might get a small glimpse up her skirt.

After a few minutes she crossed her legs, and I waited for her to uncross them, I could see quite a bit of leg and thigh, and I couldn’t keep my eyes off her legs. It wasn’t long before she uncrossed her legs, and I got this fantastic sight of seeing her white lace panties for the first time in almost 10 years!! To say I went hard down below would be an understatement.

However this one upskirt flash was like opening the flood gates, over he next 15 minutes of so she flashed her white knickers another three times. This though was just the start, as after a while we moved into a different room for our group meeting. I sat opposite Cathy again, but this time I was even closer to her, and had a better view. Over the next half hour she crossed and uncrossed her legs, showed off lots of leg and thigh, and flashed her panties on at least ten separate occasions, to be honest I lost count!!

It was though I had died and gone to heaven. For almost 10 years I had seen next to nothing on the knicker front, and in one evening Cathy flashed her white lace knickers more times on one occasion then any other girl I know. Since yesterday I have been in wank heaven, and I guess I will be for quite some time to come. I don’t think she was flashing her knickers on purpose to me, although I might be wrong. Cathy is probably one of those fantastic girls who just can’t keep her legs closed when crossing and uncrossing, perhaps that is another reason why she usually wears jeans or trousers. However, for one special evening the view of her legs, thighs and white knickers was just wonderful. I might of waited almost 10 years for such an occasion, but the view of her upskirts and panties was well worth the wait!!!

27 Jan 2007

Upskirt At Last!

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Over the past few summers I have worked at a well known sports shop in the shoe department. As you can imagine the summer brings out THE shortest skirts and lowest cut tops, and working on the trainer department there is no end to the amount of upskirt knicker sightings. One particular day a woman and her son came to the store to buy a pair of trainers. She was wearing a summer dress that was just below the knee but it looked like there was little chance of a knicker sighting as it was a fairly long skirt. I served this lady who was in her late 30’s and had shoulder length hair. I had to go to the stockroom to get the trainers she required. I was in there for about 2 minutes when on my return i saw her sitting on one of the benches with her dress riding so far up her thighs just covering her crotch. I thought how the hell can a dress that was below the knee be riding so far up your thighs. As I got closer I noticed she had white lacy panties on. I was so hard. I served her son with the trainers but all the while I had my eyes fixated on her crotch. At times I had to kneel down to help her son. My head was inches from her legs and I had a clear view right up to her crotch. She knew all along I could see this and as time went by her legs moved wider and wider apart. After about 15 minutes of this and three pairs of trainers later she finally bought a pair. When she left she looked at me in the eye and gave such a dirty smile, I will always remember that day!!!

21 Dec 2006

Shoe Store White Lacey Panties Upskirt Story

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My girlfriend is a born public flasher. To be truthful, you’d probably have to call her an exhibitionist. But there’s nothing wrong with that. I have to use a false name for her, so I will call her Beth. If she ever found this little story on the Net, she’d think it was cute if her name was disguised. But if I used her real name, she would probably end my life in no time.

Beth claims she’s always been a flasher. She went to Catholic school, and finally clued me (a boring old Protestant) in on the truth of: Now what use do you think we made of those shiny patent leather shoes? She also claims to have been the rudest girl on the cheerleader squad, frequently forgetting to put her shorts on before practice.

When she found out I was an upskirt fanatic, she was delighted rather than annoyed. I thought I was lucky because I would get a lot of private upskirts, but little did I know I was in for something better. Believe me, I would have been too shy to ask her to pull such antics in public. But I didn’t have to ask. Beth pretty much suggested it herself.

From the very beginning, you could see she was an expert. She waited for me to open the car door for her, which most modern girls no longer bother with. But she swung her leg in a broad arc as she stepped out of the car, giving me a heavenly glimpse of white panties.

During the first few times we went out on the town like that, she was careful to do her flashing in such a way that no one else in the bar, night club or restaurant could actually see her. But then she mentioned that perhaps, one night in a crowded bar, someone else might have got a look. She said it tentatively, as if gauging my reaction. It would not have been difficult for her to see that I was excited rather than jealous or possessive.

Next time we went out, she wore a short little black dress and white nylon panties (personal favorites of mine, since they remind me of the panties girls wore when we were back in high school). We went out to watch the sunset on the terrace of our favorite club (I live in Hawaii). The sun made its famous green flash as it disappeared into the ocean, and I got plenty of white flash as well. We were sitting pretty much by ourselves in one corner of the terrace where no one could really see her.

It got dark quickly, as it does in the tropics, and Beth was on her second glass of wine. Another couple had taken the table next to us, and the two of them were talking with a certain confusion about the stars “the poor souls couldn’t tell Venus from the North Star.

Beth is an expert skywatcher, like myself, but much more sociable, especially after a few glasses of wine. She began to give the other couple a nice lecture about the heavens above us. Soon, though, I noticed that the fellow in the other couple was looking not above but fixedly at our table. His eyes were glassy and his mouth was gaping.

I looked, and realized that Beth was sitting cross-legged, though not as a woman crosses her legs, but like a man. Those of you who’ve seen the famous Ellen Barkin clip from the film Switch will know what I mean. Beth was deliberately flashing this guy one of the boldest white triangles I have ever seen, and she kept it up for a few solid minutes. By that time the guy’s girlfriend was staring too, though she was also a bit tipsy and seemed not at all put out. If she hadn’t been wearing slacks, she might well have joined in.

Needless to say, I was quite turned on. We had a great night in bed afterwards. In the future, I hope that love, passion and good treatment on my part will encourage her to even more daring acts of flashing.

25 Nov 2006

My Panty Flashing Girlfriend

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I’ve been a life long lover of looking up skirts. Some of my earliest recollections of girls are looking up their skirts. I was perhaps 3 or 4, but life got a lot more interesting when I was 10 and older. There are so many stories, and, as they say, so little time. Here are a couple that stand out at the moment. I was about 16, in 11th grade, it was a hot late spring day. I was on the roof of our school, supposedly studying (we were allowed to take breaks and in between class times on the roof. I was with two very pretty girls a year younger than I, Barbara and Susie. A word about each. Susie was very small and totally cute. Her sister was in my class and her sister, Judy, almost daily showed off her panties as she would sit with her leg crossed one over the other, wide…she almost always wore either white or yellow cotton bikinis, and the boys would place bets on which she’d be wearing that day. (OK, more on Judy. She was also small, but somewhat larger than her sister. When Judy would sit on the floor or grass, or sometimes lie on her back, she’d pull up her legs, totally revealing her panties. I actually took a couple of pictures of her, long ago posted on the old newsgroups….back to Susie.) As much as Judy would reveal her panties, Susie didn’t. In fact I rarely saw her panties. Barbara and Susie were very close friends. Barbara had wonderfully large and firm breasts, and her bra would often be revealed under her shirts and blouses. She was a total turn on, sometimes revealing her panties as well, but not very often. This particular day I was lying reading (in fact I began by really reading), while Susie and Barbara were sitting with their backs against a wall, talking about some poetry assignment they had. I would look at them occasionally, but didn’t pay much attention. Then I noticed that Susie was sitting with her legs crossed, her skirt up, but I couldn’t see her panties. I quickly forgot about my reading and kept looking at her lovely legs. Then she did what I had hoped, deeply absorbed in her poetry and talking to Barbara, totally ignoring me and what she was about to reveal. She pulled both legs up and apart by about 18 inches, neatly and primly pulling her dress to her knees. From her point of view, she was properly covered. But from mine, no way. Her thin, pure white cotton panties were pulled tight against her butt and pussy, outlining her girl/womanhood very, very clearly. I was immediately super hard. I realized that both girls were not looking at me at all and I just stared at Susie’s panties and legs. Her panties were pure white. I was in heaven, or so I thought. I didn’t realize that heaven could get better. I have no idea how long I looked at Susie, perhaps a minute, perhaps five or more, when Barbara also pulled her legs up, in almost the identical position as Susie. Her panties, too, were white cotton, but somewhat thicker than Susie, but pulled against her very tightly also. What was different sent me through the roof, well, not, since I was on the roof. But it did send me. Her panties were quite damp, almost wet, and tinged yellow…as if (perhaps she did) peed in them at some recent point. I couldn’t believe it. (I’ve always loved damp and dribbled in panties.) I found myself even harder than before…and on the edge of cumming in my pants…which I did within a minute, in spite of my (best??) efforts not to since I was wearing tan pants. And yes, the obvious happened: I had a very, very big wet stain on my pants, and did the obvious, pulled my shirt out as I was getting up, but that was to be at least 15 minutes away. I stared at both girls’ panties and legs after I came, still turned, fearing embarrassment, but love the sight, especially of Barbara. Both girls sat that way for another 5 or more minutes, and then one and then the other shifted to a more modest position. I recovered, barely. The girls obviously noticed my pulled out shirt, but said nothing…Years later I told Barbara about the incident at a party, and she recalled absolutely nothing about it…she did confirm however that in high school and afterwards, she would sometime pee in her panties a bit if she was desperate for a toilet. Fast forward: In my 30’s I knew a girl, an undergraduate student, with whom I had a relationship. She had a strong exhibitionist streak in her, which I loved, and enjoyed showing off her ample breasts and nice legs and ass. She had a friend who found this interesting, and the two of them provided me a lovely lingerie show one evening. From this I suggested I’d really get turned on by both of them ‘innocently’ showing off in a very public place, while I watched, they pretending they didn’t know me. Being a voyeur of long standing, this appealed a lot, and later that week on my girlfriend’s campus both girls, one spring day, wore somewhat short skirts, and sat on the grass in the centre of campus eating their lunches and talking. I sat about 25 feet away, and each girl would keep adjusting her skirt and legs, making sure to reveal their panties, sometimes just in quick flashes, other times sitting so it was easy to see up their skirts. Over the next 45 minutes about 8 or 10 guys managed (along with others) to gather around them, watching them, as I was. It was a real turn on. I don’t think any of the guys knew it was put up. We all met afterwards and both girls found the power over guys from ‘innocently’ show off a turn on.

6 Nov 2006

Two Upskirt Panties Stories

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From the age of about 13 all the time when I was at school I used to try and look up the teachers and girls skirts hoping one day that one of them might not be wearing any panties but I had never succeeded in this.

Here is my story of when I seen my French teacher sans panties.

It was one of those hot summer days at school and all day I was trying to look up my female teachers and students skirts but with very little success as there legs were crossed most of the time. It got to the time when it was my last lesson of the day which was French. My French teacher was an older women about 45 quiet small and ugly but I thought to myself I might as well give it a go. So when I got in my lesson I sat near the back of the class in the middle of the room because my teacher never sat at her desk when she was teaching she always stood or sat on the end of one of our desks. I was sitting at my desk with my head resting on my arms (this way was the best way to get a look up her skirt when she was sitting on a desk) looking up her skirt but still nothing. There was about ten mins of the lesson to go and the teacher was sitting on a table at the bottom of the class reading to us out of a French book. I looked up to try to see if she was wearing any knickers again then I looked at her face she had a strange look on her face as she looked at me I had been caught. To my surprise she came over to the table in front of me luckily there was no one sitting there she sat straight in front of me resting one bum cheek on the desk and her other leg on the floor legs wide apart straight into my line of vision. All I could see was her shaven pussy nearly opened all the way because of the way she was sitting. My heart was pounding and my cock was rock hard I was just about to come in my pants when the bell went. When I stood up to leave the class I could see her looking as I was adjusting my pants to hide my hard on. This was the last time I got a chance to her upskirt as I left school a week later but I will never forget it.

17 Aug 2006

French Teacher Sans Panties

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