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how did you get so into upskirt?

how did i get so into upskirt?-the big turning point for me when i was about 21 and i was visting my mother who was 43 at the time. she had started hanging

My Girlfriend

These are 2 stories that involves my girlfriend (Natalia, 28 y/o, and a school teacher here in Argentina)… One time ago, Natalia was teaching at her class, and she noticed that everyone was

My Mate's Girlfriend

I have seen upskirts of so many girls skirts in my life theres just too many to mention. This story is about my mate’s bird, she is a tall brunette, her breasts arn’t

Library Upskirt Story

I took a degree course at Imperial College, London which, at the time, was the home of the Science Museum Library. The library was a large double height room with the entrance in

Friends Mum Upskirt

Twenty years ago I had a friend who lived two doors away. I was 13 and a virgin. His mother was a slender, quite pretty, women who was always friendly and had a

Perfect Short Skirt Upskirts

I am fortunate to live in an almost perfect venue for upskirts. The island of Kauai is tropical and the temperature rests at a mean of about 80 Fahrenheit all year around. Because of

Upskirt At Last!

I’m sure you are familiar with the expression everything comes to those who wait, well after almost ten years of waiting yesterday I saw a certain upskirt! Let me

Shoe Store White Lacey Panties Upskirt Story

Over the past few summers I have worked at a well known sports shop in the shoe department. As you can imagine the summer brings out THE Total: 3125 views   Added: 11 years ago   Category: Upskirt Stories    Total (0) (0) (0)

My Panty Flashing Girlfriend

My girlfriend is a born public flasher. To be truthful, you’d probably have to call her an exhibitionist. But

Two Upskirt Panties Stories

I’ve been a life long lover of looking up skirts. Some of my earliest recollections of girls are looking up their skirts. I was perhaps