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My Mate's Girlfriend

I have seen upskirts of so many girls skirts in my life theres just too many to mention. This story is about my mate’s bird, she is a tall brunette, her breasts arn’t

School Teacher Upskirts

School was very fruitful in my early years and one teacher, a Miss Watt, was a great favourite. I reckon she must have been around 30 years old, slim with brown hair and

Mirror Image Upskirt Fun

A little story that always does it for me when I think of it.

About 18 months ago we were at a birthday party for one of my friends. The night was going

Panties In The Office

I have worked in many offices and have always seen plenty of panties, I shall make this a series so here is part one. My first job in Liverpool was at the time

Sarah Harding Upskirt Panties

Yet another celebrity whose career needs a boost has decided to flash her knickers for the camera. Sarah Harding form the English girl group Girls Aloud revealed her favourite panties at a recent

First Uplooker Upskirt

My sister is four years older than me and went to an all Girls Grammar School, I went to an all boys school. Girls were always a mystery to me but when I

Upskirt At Last!

I’m sure you are familiar with the expression everything comes to those who wait, well after almost ten years of waiting yesterday I saw a certain upskirt! Let me

Teacher Panty Sightings Stories

I too went to school on Merseyside, it was an all boys school. We had an English teacher called Wendy Etkin, who on two consecutive lessons, wore a mini skirt, and crossed and

Sitting Split Skirt Knickers Story

There are plenty of times when I get to see knickers by looking down the waistband of women’s clothes. This is particularly true these days when women chose to expose their midriff and

Upskirt Story by Dumpmystuff

There was a girl at work I had taken a bit of a fancy to – and as always you begin to wonder about her choice of underwear.