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I have seen upskirts of so many girls skirts in my life theres just too many to mention. This story is about my mate’s bird, she is a tall brunette, her breasts arn’t massive but they are ample and she is so hot. We went to stay in a caravan for a weekend (one of those big static ones) in Wales, there was me, 3 of my friends and one of their girlfriends (she is called Sarah). I often flirted with Sarah but it was harmless fun. One night we were just sitting around watching TV, the others were about but it ended up being just me and her. She was wearing a denim skirt and a white top, throughout the day my eyes would wander down and I would have a glance at her breasts, I don’t think she ever noticed.

She was sat at a right angle to me with her legs up on the cushions, I glanced to the side and noticed she had her eyes closed (it was quite late) I could see right up her skirt, she had pink cotton panties on, I stared for a bit and had a look around to make sure no-one could see me. I looked up her long silky legs up to her knickers I was watching for what seemed like ages, I looked at every detail and my dick was so hard. I just checked to see if she was still asleep and she was looking right at me. I quickly looked away, I felt stupid because she had caught me. Nothing was said we just carried on watching TV. The next day we were having dinner and she bent right in front of me, I had a great view down her top. She had a white lacy bra with a little bow in the middle, I wondered if it was on purpose.

A few weeks went by and I was at a party at the same mates house, Sarah was wearing a short Khaki skirt and a tight top. She was sitting opposite me (with her legs up on the sofa) and I had an amazing view of her white lace panties (they are my favourite) I couldn’t believe it, I had an erection instantly, luckily I was sitting down or it would have been hard to hide. That night I saw up her skirt from all angles, it was so cool because she knew she was doing it and it turned her on that I wanted to look. I would try and avoid eye contact with her and I tried not to make it too obvious I was looking. It was on my mind the whole night.

After that I caught a few glimpses up her skirt but never as good as those first times. I would see down the back of her jeans when she bent down, she always wore a thong and she all different types and colours. I think my friend noticed me looking a few times, he must have said something to her because she started becoming more wary when wearing skirts and she would avoid bending down (she would also put her hand over her thong to cover it when she bent down). I see down her top every now and then and sometimes her thong but never up her skirt. Sometimes she seems to let me have a look (maybe she’s feeling horny) but most of the time she avoids it. At first it was a major turn on that she knew I was looking, but now its back fired because she (and him) are wary of me and it makes me feel pretty dirty. So when you’re looking at a girl make sure you don’t look too much, if she thinks you are a pervert it can turn sour.

7 Mar 2008

My Mate's Girlfriend

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School was very fruitful in my early years and one teacher, a Miss Watt, was a great favourite. I reckon she must have been around 30 years old, slim with brown hair and glasses. She wasn’t particularly nice looking but I didn’t care! My desk was right in front of her table at the front of the class and I spent a lot of time dropping my pencil and rubber on the floor so that I could get under her desk and look up her grey pleated skirt. She must have known what I was up to but never gave and signs of it. She normally sat with her legs crossed, but her nylon underskirt was always hanging down which was enough to get me going. It was always light blue, so either she had more than one or did infrequent washing! On most occasions I also got a glimpse of her stocking tops with occasionally a little bit of bare thigh above. On one, unfortunately only one, momentous occasion she uncrossed and re-crossed her legs the other way just as I was under the desk. I like to think that she did it intentionally as she did it quite slowly and deliberately and I got a wonderful flash of her knickers, which were light blue nylon. That was almost 40 years ago and I still think of if sometimes when I’m having a wank.

8 Oct 2007

School Teacher Upskirts

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A little story that always does it for me when I think of it.

About 18 months ago we were at a birthday party for one of my friends. The night was going well and the group of 7 of us were sitting around a table getting quite merry. My lady Sue had been away from the table, she returned and my friend grabbed her arm and pulled her onto his knee. I didn’t mind at first but then he put his hand on her leg. I felt quite annoyed and so reached out for his girl and pulled her onto my knee. I put my hand on her leg and said to him that feels better. He started to run his hand higher up her leg and I followed suit saying that we had discovered a new game called Mirror Images.

I was going to do everything he was.

In front of the others there our hands started to run over the women’s legs, sides, backs. Nothing too obvious but just running our fingers along the line of the bras and counting blouse buttons by touching them. Our friends at the table were sitting watching and almost speechless. Then I started to slowly ease his woman’s skirt up her legs and he followed suit by slowly opening the split in the overlapping skirt of my woman. More and more leg was exposed until at the same time both pairs of knickers came into view. You could see the Red lace of my girlfriends thong and the white panties his girlfriend was wearing.

The atmosphere was crackling with tension and at that point the person who’s birthday it was came over and broke the moment. Everyone separated and we guys around the table crossed our legs and even the girls were squirming a bit on their seats. In my mind it’s just as sexy to be fully dressed as it is to be naked if you do it right.

You should try playing Mirror Images sometime. It’s great fun!

1 Oct 2007

Mirror Image Upskirt Fun

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I have worked in many offices and have always seen plenty of panties, I shall make this a series so here is part one. My first job in Liverpool was at the time when mini skirts were being challenged by the maxi/midi but they were still plentiful. The telephonist Carol wore skirts so short that when she hung up her coat she showed them, mainly flowery printed but another girl called Cathy wasn’t so aware of her skirt and she used to show cottons in pastel shades all the time. In the office one day she dropped some files and squatted down to pick them up so I helped and as her legs parted she displayed a lovely pair of pink panties which I am certain she saw me looking at. Another older lady called June always sat at her desk in short skirts which rode up as the day went on and the trick was to look late in the afternoon, many a time I saw pale blue knickers as her skirt rode up so high but she again didn’t seem to care. Finally Chris who favoured the longer skirt which was split up the front .In the canteen she sat down legs folded but all I did was wait till she got up and the skirt itself just parted to reveal pink panties again, this is 30 years ago but Chris still makes me wank now and again. Part 2 to follow shortly, but what do you out there have to say about your office mates.

20 Sep 2007

Panties In The Office

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Yet another celebrity whose career needs a boost has decided to flash her knickers for the camera. Sarah Harding form the English girl group Girls Aloud revealed her favourite panties at a recent event. Leopard skin panties have always been a favourite of mine and these have the added advantage of being partly see-through. Click the upskirt thumbnails to view the large images.

Sarah Harding Sarah Harding Upskirt Panties Sarah Harding Upskirt

18 Jun 2007

Sarah Harding Upskirt Panties

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My sister is four years older than me and went to an all Girls Grammar School, I went to an all boys school. Girls were always a mystery to me but when I was around 14 my sister (and her friends) transformed from cry-baby blotchy things into tall slender young women. We lived near to my sister’s school so it made sense for some of her friends to drop in on the way home or come and do homework, play rock n roll and stuff.

I was still laying out Dinky toy battles and playing patience, doing homework on the floor etc. There uniform was blue and white stripe summer dresses and grey winter things. Over fourteen, in those days, they had to wear stockings (dark) in the summer and could go bare legged with white socks in summer. Court shoes or sandals. White cotton or grey school knickers.

Anyway one day I was spinning a toy roulette wheel or something when they all trooped in my sister demanded silence from me and told me to get out of the room I said I would draw under the table. Almost forgetting me, the girls sat at the table and began chattering getting out homework etc. I was almost unable to get my breath as the eight legs (including my sisters friend Val’s) who was extremely tall and had the best dark stockings I had seen. I was so hard that it hurt. Eventually Val put her head under the table and said are you asleep Dave I said no there was too much to look at. She then said “do you like my legs?” very quietly I said “very much…they are beautiful”. As you would expect from a girl of that age she then adjusted, crossed, opened, pulled up and generally made my groin burn. I reached out and touched her fine nyloned leg very gently I thought she would say something but slowly she pushed her leg toward my trembling hand and allowed me to run a damp and sweaty finger up her calf. She asked my sister if she good have a glass of water and as she walked away she grabbed my hand and pushed it right up her skirt. I instantly lost my first payload. But never in the field of male sexuality has so much been given to one boy.

7 Mar 2007

First Uplooker Upskirt

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I’m sure you are familiar with the expression everything comes to those who wait, well after almost ten years of waiting yesterday I saw a certain upskirt! Let me explain…..

Here’s my story, I have a friend named Cathy, she looks a little bit like a cross between Kate Lawler and Gabby Roslyn.

For nearly ten years she and I have helped out with others at a voluntary group. For years Cathy only ever wore jeans or trousers, she wore longish skirts to work, so she never wore them to our group. At regular intervals you would get a view of the tops of her thongs and knickers at the top of her jeans, all different colours and types.

However over the last year of so she occasionally began to wear skirts to our group meetings. The skirts would never be short, but occasionally you would get a flash of thigh and possibly the sight of panties under her tights, but that would be all.

Yesterday she came to our meeting wearing a denim skirt that was knee length, but the front of the skirt had a small triangle of material cut away, which meant when she sat down and crossed her legs you would get a good view of her knee and a little bit of thigh. I noticed that Cathy was not wearing tights and was bared legged, I decided to move chairs and sit opposite her just in case I might get a small glimpse up her skirt.

After a few minutes she crossed her legs, and I waited for her to uncross them, I could see quite a bit of leg and thigh, and I couldn’t keep my eyes off her legs. It wasn’t long before she uncrossed her legs, and I got this fantastic sight of seeing her white lace panties for the first time in almost 10 years!! To say I went hard down below would be an understatement.

However this one upskirt flash was like opening the flood gates, over he next 15 minutes of so she flashed her white knickers another three times. This though was just the start, as after a while we moved into a different room for our group meeting. I sat opposite Cathy again, but this time I was even closer to her, and had a better view. Over the next half hour she crossed and uncrossed her legs, showed off lots of leg and thigh, and flashed her panties on at least ten separate occasions, to be honest I lost count!!

It was though I had died and gone to heaven. For almost 10 years I had seen next to nothing on the knicker front, and in one evening Cathy flashed her white lace knickers more times on one occasion then any other girl I know. Since yesterday I have been in wank heaven, and I guess I will be for quite some time to come. I don’t think she was flashing her knickers on purpose to me, although I might be wrong. Cathy is probably one of those fantastic girls who just can’t keep her legs closed when crossing and uncrossing, perhaps that is another reason why she usually wears jeans or trousers. However, for one special evening the view of her legs, thighs and white knickers was just wonderful. I might of waited almost 10 years for such an occasion, but the view of her upskirts and panties was well worth the wait!!!

27 Jan 2007

Upskirt At Last!

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I too went to school on Merseyside, it was an all boys school. We had an English teacher called Wendy
Etkin, who on two consecutive lessons, wore a mini skirt, and crossed and then opened up her legs to
reveal a pair of yellow panties, she stayed in that position for a few minutes, before calmly getting off the desk, as though she didn’t have a clue that she had been flashing her knickers and thighs.
Another teacher called Jenny Holland, regularly wore a mini skirt. There was some stairs that if you stood at the bottom, you could look up her skirt as she came down. On one occasion she saw me looking up, and stopped at the best advantage place for me to get an eye full of panty, and spoke with another pupil for about five minutes. I got a great view of her pink knickers and thighs, and a cheeky smile from her when she came down the stairs.
These incidents happened over 25 years ago now, but remain clearly in my memory, and I have enjoyed a great wank on many occasion as I have recalled the incidents.

2 Jan 2007

Teacher Panty Sightings Stories

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There are plenty of times when I get to see knickers by looking down the waistband of women’s clothes. This is particularly true these days when women chose to expose their midriff and wear high-cut underwear – often in the thong style. This is useful in itself as you get to find out the colour of their underwear, which is always stimulating, however, actual upskirts are in short supply. The days when most women chose white underwear seem to be gone – many seem to go for black these days. Though there are still a few white-only girls about.

All this changed when I attended a meeting at work recently. I arrived a little late and took one of the last remaining places opposite the woman who would chair the meeting. The layout of the group was in
the form of an open square with no table in the middle, this meant that I had a clear view of the chairwoman – and significantly, her split-front skirt.

As the meeting progressed it became clear to me that if she shifted into the right position I would be able to see up her skirt. The woman in question is probably nearly 50 but attractive and in very good
shape – you would not turn her down if you had the chance, she also has a deep and sexy voice. Phone calls with her always a pleasure as you can hear her gaspy breath in your ear. I would like to masturbate when I am speaking to her but this is almost impossible in an office environment – unless I could contrive a late call and do it in my briefs – I would have to then clean them out in the toilets.

Finally it happened, she turned a little towards me and there they were – white knickers on show up the spilt in her skirt, my first upskirt in ages and I revelled in it. This went on for a while with her knickers showing to a greater or lesser extent. I think that she may have been a little conscious of her exposure as she occasionally adjusted her skirt – without too much success. The best was when her legs parted slightly and I saw a very deep white “V” shape, almost the whole of her crotch – but not quite.

After the meeting I saw her again and noticed her VPL, which indicated that she was wearing fairly full-cut briefs. Yes M*****, your choice of underwear that day (white briefs) had been well and truly revealed to me, all very useful later that night when it came to my masturbation session.

Just another thing – did anyone see Kate Garraway on GMTV when she was presenting reports from Hong Kong. In one sequence she was wearing a skirt and with the light behind her you could clearly see the outline of her legs all the way up to her crotch. That was not the only thing – I could swear that you could see her underwear – a narrow-angle white “V” shape under her skirt – in the style of a thong or high-cut briefs – very sexy!

P.S. Anyone who says he doesn’t enjoy peeking at women’s’ knickers is a liar!

26 Jul 2006

Sitting Split Skirt Knickers Story

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There was a girl at work I had taken a bit of a fancy to – and as always you begin to wonder about her choice of underwear. She used to wear tight jeans and you could see the VPL through her jeans – these were the days before thongs became almost the universal choice of underwear for young women – and you got the idea that she was wearing the high-legged briefs that again, nearly all the girls seemed to wear them in those days. I used to think that these were daring and that their panties could not get any skimpier but how wrong I was proved! So a popular choice for her knickers – but what colour?

She would often wear short skirts and no matter how I tried I could never position myself to get that vital upskirt view of her knickers so that I could find out the colour.

Then one day I was sitting opposite her in a pub with a low table between us. She was wearing a short skirt that was pulled tight across her legs as she sat. Just before we stood to leave she turned her legs a little towards me and there they were – white knickers. Although white was a popular colour (and still is) I had always imagined that she would wear pastel coloured knickers and her choice of white was a surprise – but no less pleasant to look at. As she stood I saw them again. It had been a matter of the right place at the right time, with enough light to illuminate her upskirt area.

As we walked across the car park I felt satisfied that her secret had been revealed and in my minds eye she was walking in just her underwear! Which consisted of knickers only as she did not wear a bra.

A little later I saw her panties again when I was sat in the driver’s seat as she was getting into the back of my two-door car. She made a comment like “I hope you won’t look up my skirt!” At which point I promptly had a good look at her white knickers from about two feet away. If she noticed me doing this then she did not let on.

Since then she has started wearing thongs but only under tight clothes, otherwise she wears briefs – the bra remains an optional extra.

I have seen her knickers many times since – but in the form of down-trousers rather than upskirts (I can’t remember any more upskirts, so at least I get to know her colour. This remains mostly monotone (white, grey, black) but with at least one blue pair, which makes a pleasant change.

By the way – I still fancy her but have never got beyond a few kisses and she has been married for a long time now. But if I could have had my choice she would have been the one for me. Thoughts of what I have seen are never far away when masturbation time comes around.

25 Jun 2006

Upskirt Story by Dumpmystuff

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