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It was a Friday night a week before Christmas and with strong breezes predicted and lots of scantily ladies bound to be out, I hit the town. I’d watched a couple of girls struggling with floaty skirts but most had successfully clung on. A snowstorm was clearly brewing up, the cool air became very still and a few flakes of snow started to fall. Gradually, the flakes got bigger and the breeze strengthened again. I noticed the girl stood in a doorway of a nightclub chatting to a friend. She had a black strappy top on and a plaid denim miniskirt. The design of it meant that whilst it COULD flare out, it would need a subway grate or leaf blower shoved up her arse to move it.

One of the biggest turn-ons in this situation is sheer unexpectedness of being upskirted. You can tell the ones who realise their mistake early on and spend the rest of the day/night holding on to, smoothing down or resting their handbag against their skirt. She didn’t seem to be doing any of this, she just stood in the doorway with the strong breeze having little affect on the skirt. It was barely an inch below her arse. I’m not sure why, but the two girls walked away from the club entrance together, possibly to another bar. What happened next I hear you ask?

The girls walked up towards a T-junction in the road. The snow wasn’t actually falling, it was just swirling around. It actually seemed as if an updraft was blowing flakes back up into the sky – I’m sure its an image we’ve all seen – anyway, seeing her walk towards this updraft made me wonder just what would happen to that skirt!

The wind suddenly strengthened as she stepped into its path. Im sure the snow blowing around her face didn’t help her either. With no warning, the whole of her skirt was simply catapulted up to her chest! It was almost like a funhouse airgrate, if she’d been wearing a knee-length skirt, it would have ended up round her ears, so strong was the gust.

Not only was the back up, showing everyone her thonged arse, but it was up at the front and sides as well – basically a 360 degree view for everyone. If fact, such was the height her skirt had blown, a centimetre or so of flesh could be seen ABOVE the thong. One problem these days is that a small flash of bare butt cheeks doesn’t always confirm the colour (or existence) of a thong – there was no doubt here!

After a split-second of sheer disbelief, she squealed and grabbed the front of her skirt, the problem being that the wind had now pinned the back of it to her, keeping her arse on display for a good 5 seconds. Realised there was no other way out, she slumped to the ground by a wall, still being buffeted by the wind but with her friend helping her hold the skirt in place. The two of them giggled and screamed there on the ground for about a minute or so, before she got to her feet and walked on with both hands virtually pinning the skirt down just in case…..

I rate this as my favourite upskirt of all time, not least because of the sheer embarrassment of it all. Reaction is all important to me – Having a skirt blow up in the wind is a bit like a practical joke to me – the best people are shocked at first, very red faced, but have the ability to laugh it off.

25 Sep 2007

Windblown Upskirt Embarrassment

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