School Teacher Upskirts

School was very fruitful in my early years and one teacher, a Miss Watt, was a great favourite. I reckon she must have been around 30 years old, slim with brown hair and glasses. She wasn’t particularly nice looking but I didn’t care! My desk was right in front of her table at the front of the class and I spent a lot of time dropping my pencil and rubber on the floor so that I could get under her desk and look up her grey pleated skirt. She must have known what I was up to but never gave and signs of it. She normally sat with her legs crossed, but her nylon underskirt was always hanging down which was enough to get me going. It was always light blue, so either she had more than one or did infrequent washing! On most occasions I also got a glimpse of her stocking tops with occasionally a little bit of bare thigh above. On one, unfortunately only one, momentous occasion she uncrossed and re-crossed her legs the other way just as I was under the desk. I like to think that she did it intentionally as she did it quite slowly and deliberately and I got a wonderful flash of her knickers, which were light blue nylon. That was almost 40 years ago and I still think of if sometimes when I’m having a wank.

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