My Girlfriend

These are 2 stories that involves my girlfriend (Natalia, 28 y/o, and a school teacher here in Argentina)… One time ago, Natalia was teaching at her class, and she noticed that everyone was looking at her with fanny faces. During the brakes she was in charge of managing all theĀ children, and she noticed the same reaction in them. Back to her class, everything continued in the same way. It was only when she had to go to the bathroom when she noticed that the zip of her black trousers was completely down, showing a white fond that were her panties. It was obvious that everyone could see that…, from the boys to other teachers, and we don’t know the right moment when the zip went down. Maybe she never put it up and travelled to the school like that.

And this is the second one: Some time ago Natalia told me that she was in her class, sitting in her chair correcting some exams, while the students were doing their work. She was wearing a tight and low cut black pair of pants (that ones that get stuck to the body, I don’t know how to describe them…, it was a present that I gave her) and a pretty kind of t-shirt with her arms naked. She noticed that a small number of her students kept coming to ask her all kind of silly questions…, and then returned back to their seats after passing behind her. They repeated it for 3 or 4 more times. Later on, the bell rung , so she took her things and went to the teacher’s room. She was sitting there when another teacher friend of her put a surprised face and told her that a big part of her white panties were being exposed from behind. Natalia kept petrified, and her face turned to red…, and the worst for her was that at the following day she would have to be in that class again, and she was so embarrassed… When she got home, I noticed that she wanted to tell me something but she didn’t take courage. After a good chat, she finally gave up and told me everything. I really enjoyed all that, but I didn’t have the balls to confess it to her that I was turn on about it, so I put a fictitious sad face, and asked her to tell me all every time a thing like this happen. It was very nice to know that, and later on, more stories began to arrive to my delighted ears…

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