22 Jun 2005

My Cousins Pretty Panties by Johnny

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It was about time I see up my cousins skirt.
It was on a Saturday 2 of my cousins came to visit us at our house one is a male and the other female My female cousin is HOT (eighteen) dressed very sexy with a little black tank top and a blue short denim skirt. So they got there and we welcomed them in, When I went to go get them something to drink and then came back since she was sitting down I saw her bright white panties triangle!!. So I decided to sit very close to her because I wanted to see what type were they, so they were bright white cotton panties with blue flowers on the top of the panties. I was a bit surprised when I saw the crotch part of her panties getting wet, was it cause I was looking up her skirt? I don’t know…yet. Later I invited her to my room to show her couple of stuff then she saw my chair of the computer and sat down. She wanted to talk to me and ask me for some advice so I sat in front of her as what we all would of done. Anyways we were talking then I decided to look up her skirt again but I was dumb enough to make it obvious and she cut off from what she was saying and asked me.. are you looking up my skirt? Uhh…no, I saw you trying to look at my panties, well I wasn’t I just looked down, uh huh but guess what I don’t mind you looking up my skirt it gets me excited. I was shocked when she said that!! right after that she pulled up her skirt a bit more which the panties were more visible and I kept on staring at them since she didn’t seem to care. Minutes later I started touching her legs and went all the way up (she didn’t mind at all) until I reached her panties and she giggled so I started to rub the crotch part of the panties and make them wet after I pulled her panty to the side and started finger banging her, I know it was my Cousin but I couldn’t say no. When we finished she took off her panties and said here you can have them then I said thank you it would be such a great memory. Couple of minutes later both of them left and I went straight to my room and sniffed her panties (they had such a great scent) and think about what had happened… was a GREAT day!.

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